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DeFiGure: Tokenomics Design Framework

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Tokenomics is the study of the design and implementation of token-based systems, including cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

It focuses on the economics and incentives of these systems, including supply and demand dynamics, price stability, and token distribution.

A well-designed tokenomics model can help ensure the success and sustainability of a project by creating a healthy ecosystem for the token, encouraging adoption and use, and aligning incentives between stakeholders.

Project Analysis

Project analysis is designed to help you identify your target audience, define your value proposition, and understand your overall business objectives. We’ll work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of your project, so that we can develop a comprehensive and effective tokenomics model.

Token Utility

Token utility step in DeFiGure framework is designed to help you determine the purpose and utility of your token, including its function within the ecosystem and its value proposition to users. We’ll provide you with expert guidance and support to ensure that your token is optimized for success.


How do you get users to do you what you want? Behavioral insights helps you design effective incentives and strategies that drive user engagement and adoption. Using advanced analytical tools and techniques, we’ll analyze user behavior and provide you with data-driven insights that enable you to make informed decisions and maximize the effectiveness of your tokenomics model.


Within distribution strategy we help you develop a comprehensive distribution strategy for your token, including allocation, timing/emission schedule, and token launch. Ongoing reviews and assessments are implanted in order to ensure effectiveness of the strategy and adjust as needed. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your token is distributed in a way that maximizes its value and utility for users.

DeFiGure: Tokenomics Engineering

Stress test your token economy by simulating how agents interact and adapt to each market occurrence

Expert tokenomics design and Machinations simulation services

At DeFiGure, we specialize in providing cutting-edge tokenomics design services, ensuring your project’s success in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Our experienced team of professionals leverages the power of Machinations, a powerful software tool for modelling systems, personas, and scenarios in the digital economy.

Our comprehensive tokenomics design services encompass: system modelling, persona and scenario development, economic outcome prediction, as well as consumes monitoring of the tokenomics design performance.

Partner with DeFiGure and harness the power of Machinations to create a robust, thriving tokenomics ecosystem for your project. Get started today and secure your project’s place in the competitive world of decentralized finance.

Advanced tokenomics design and cadCAD simulation services

DeFiGure is a leading provider of innovative tokenomics design services, helping your project excel in the competitive world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Our seasoned team of experts employs cadCAD, a state-of-the-art software tool designed for complex system modeling, to deliver unparalleled insights and analysis for your token ecosystem.

With complex system modelling within cadCAD our team is able to test and optimise your tokenomics design such as identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities in design, providing actionable recommendations to mitigate these challenges and secure your project’s success.

Choose DeFiGure for your tokenomics design needs and leverage the power of cadCAD to create a robust, high-performing token ecosystem tailored to your project’s unique requirements.

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