DeFiGure provides comprehensive support to startups and ventures seeking pre-seed or seed funding in the rapidly evolving world of web3 and decentralized finance. With expertise in regulatory certainty, investor education, and token economics, we help our clients navigate complexities in raising initial capital.
Our extensive network and deep industry knowledge make us a perfect partner for fuelling your growth.

Venture Finance Unlocked

Fundraising and venture finance are critical components of any startup's journey, as they provide the necessary capital to grow and scale operations.

DeFiGure: Fundraising and Venture Finance

Our dedicated team of industry professionals works tirelessly to ensure your business attracts the right investors. With our expert guidance and personalized approach, we empower your company to thrive in the rapidly expanding web3 ecosystem.

DeFiGure: Your Companion in Fundrasing

The Fundraising Framework: A Step-by-Step Approach for Web3 and Beyond


DeFiGure will assess your financing needs by reviewing financial projections and determining the required funding amount. We then identify target investor segments, such as VC firms, angel investors, industry investors, and HNWIs, most likely to be interested in your venture. Finally, we determine the most appropriate fundraising methods, considering factors like maturity, market potential, and investor preferences. Options may include equity crowdfunding, token offerings, or partnerships with established companies.

Financial Model

At this stage, DeFiGure works closely with you to define sound and convincing financial projections for your scalable venture. Our expert team ensures that your financial model accurately represents your potential, enabling investors to understand your growth potential and financial requirements.

Content Preparation
Data Room

DeFiGure assists in developing a compelling pitch deck, marketing materials, and a comprehensive investor presentation to effectively communicate your value propositions, financial projections, market potential, and technology advantages. These materials are crucial in capturing the interest of potential investors and conducting a successful fundraising campaign.

Investors Shortlisting and Outreach

Our team conducts in-depth research to identify potential investors that align with your venture’s objectives, technology focus, and financing needs. We create detailed investor profiles, develop and execute an outreach plan, and schedule meetings with potential investors. Throughout the process, we ensure consistent follow-up to address any questions or concerns, keeping investors engaged.

Deal Structuring

DeFiGure provides expert advice on structuring financing deals that meet your venture’s objectives and minimize risks. We consider factors such as valuation, capital structure, and investor preferences to ensure the most favorable terms. Our team also supports you during negotiations with potential investors, guiding you toward a successful deal.

Closing and
Post-Fundraising Support

Finally, DeFiGure facilitates the closing process for each financing deal, ensuring all necessary documentation is completed. We also establish processes for ongoing monitoring and reporting of venture performance to investors and support you in maintaining strong relationships with them through regular communication, progress updates, and timely responses to inquiries.

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