Leveraging Behavioural Science for Impactful Change.

DeFiGure is a leading web3 consultancy that specialises in behavioural science.
Our team utilises research from disciplines such as behavioural economics, social psychology, and decision science to provide innovative solutions for behaviour change. We offer strategic advisory rooted in collaboration, with a focus on scientific research and evidence-based approaches.

Dive into Behavioural Economics

By utilizing cutting-edge academic knowledge and proven experimental methods, we craft effective, human-focused strategies and policies.

DeFiGure Behavioural Economics Offering

DeFiGure offers four services aimed at implementing behavioural economics insights into web3 projects. Our approach, based on principles from behavioral science and economics, enables our clients to better understand the underlying drivers of human behavior in the context of web3.
Web3 Behaviorology
Unlocking the Power of Human Psychology in Decentralized Systems: Our behavioural consulting service offers a comprehensive analysis and research of the problem at hand, utilising principles from behavioural science, economics and decision theory to understand the underlying drivers of human behaviour in order to develop effective business strategies.
Nudging the Blockchain
How Behavioral Economics Can Drive Adoption and Engagement in Web3: Our science-based consulting service for web3 projects uses insights from behavioral science, economics and decision theory to create tailored solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of your target group, ensuring successful user engagement.
The Psychology of Web3
Harnessing Human Behavior to Build Sustainable Decentralized Platforms: DeFiGure provides strategy consulting in the ways behavioural change solutions can be deployed in the real-world settings of your project, monitored, evaluated and improved. Every step of the way, we are there for you.
Web3 Mindset Makeover
Transforming Organisational Culture through Behavioural Economics: DeFiGure offers behavioural economics training programs with an aim to equip web3 organisations with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and influence human behaviour using insights from behavioural economics, ultimately helping them build internal capabilities in this area.
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Meet Our B.R.A.I.N.

The B.R.A.I.N.® Framework: Boost Business Performance with Behavioral Science in 5 Steps

B.R.A.I.N® begins with conducting a thorough analysis of the current behavior patterns and business processes within your organization. This involves collecting data, observing user interactions, and understanding the decision-making processes. This step helps you establish a baseline for measuring the impact of the behavioral changes you will implement later on.

Once we have a clear understanding of the existing behaviors and processes, we conduct research of existing behavioral economics principles and identify potential opportunities for improvement within your organization or project. This may involve looking into relevant case studies, academic research, and industry best practices to find areas where behavioral interventions could drive better outcomes.

After identifying the opportunities for improvement, we apply behavioral interventions to the targeted areas. This could include leveraging nudges, choice architecture, or incentives to influence user behavior. B.R.A.I.N.® ensures that these interventions are tailored to your organization’s unique needs and goals.

As we implement the behavioral interventions, we continuously monitor and evaluate their impact. We use the data gathered during the Baseline Analysis to compare the outcomes before and after the interventions. We analyze the results to identify areas where the interventions may need adjustments or improvements. This process is iterate and we refine our strategies based on this feedback.

Lastly, to sustain the positive effects of the implemented interventions, it’s crucial to nurture a culture within your organization that values behavioral economics principles. This may involve training employees, sharing success stories, and encouraging an environment of continuous learning and experimentation. Establishing a strong behavioral culture will ensure that your organization can continue to benefit from the insights of behavioral economics in the long term.

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